Sadie Holmes had no idea just how strong her roomie, Stefania Mafra, was. She thought there’s no way shed be able press 200lbs at the gym and made a bet on it. Stefania won and is determined to really humiliate Sadie for doubting her so much. She did not even shower after the gym and tells Sadie for losing the bet, she wants her to get down and start licking and gagging on her sweaty feet! Sadie is grossed out, but knows she has to do as she is told. She starts licking and sucking Stefania’s toes. The saltiness is strong and before she knows it, she is gagging on the taste. The slobber starts pouring out of her mouth, totally coating Stefania’s soles with thick layers of drool. Stefania is going to make her a total foot bitch by the end of this!
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  • Added: 05-05-2016
  • Length: 30 Mins:54 Secs