Zoe is at her boyfriends waiting for him to get home when his roommate Jason comes in. She can’t stand him and knows the lease is coming up at the end of the month. Zoe is planning on having Jason kicked out as he is a total slob and does not want her bf living with him anymore. Jason pleads with her not to kick him out as he lost his job and needs to stay living there. She complains about how her socks are so stinky because he left the laundry basket unwashed. She tells him she will consider talking to her bf to about letting him stay if he gets down and starts smelling her stinky sock and feet. He is humiliated but knows his best friends bitchy girlfriend has the upper hand. 
  • Models Tagged: Jason Ninja
  • Added: 05-03-2016
  • Length: 6 Mins:19 Secs