Addie comes home knowing it’s her annversary with her man, she is excited and dfressed up sexy for him. However as she comes into the room she finds on the couch napping. She is furious he’s not up for having fun with her and decides if he wants to just lay there, then she’s gonna sit on his face! She smothers his face deep into her asshole, she wants him to really pay for forgetting their anniversary!
Starring: Addie Juniper, Octavio Fullbuster 
FACE SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING, ASS FETISH, ASS HUMILIATION, BRAT GIRLS, BRUNETTE Keywords: addie juniper, octavio fullbuster, booty, butt
  • Models Tagged: Addie Juniper
  • Added: 04-26-2016
  • Length: 8 Mins:12 Secs