Roxanne comes home and finds her brothers best friend Jason on the couch. She knows that he was out with her brothers girlfriend the night before at the bar. When she brings it up he tries to deny it, but she has pictures of him on her phone. Given she hates her bro’s girlfriend anyway, but till she see’s a chance to have some fun with him. She knows her feet are super sweaty after dance classes, She makes him remove her shoes. The smell is super strong as it hits his nose. She laughs at him as she instructs him to get on his knees and start smelling her sweaty soft soles. She is determined to humiliate him and have some fun. If he doesn’t do what she says she’s gonna tell her bro and get him beat up.
Starring: Roxanne Rae, Jason Ninja*FOOT SMELLING* *FOOT SMOTHER* *FOOT HUMILIATION*FOOT SMELLINGFOOT DOMINATION, FOOT HUMILIATION, BLACKMAIL FANTASY, FOOT FETISH, FOOT SMOTHER roxanne rae, feet, soles, toes, foot girl, jason ninja, smelly feet, stinky feet