Ninja is back in philly visiting his old crew. He;s decided to take a rest on the bed when the girls turn up and demand he get off their bed immediately. He tells them he;s not getting off which only infuriates the 4 punk rockers to really stomp him down. Brooklynne, Marley, and Scarlett start jumping on him , stomping him, facestanding him as they see fit. He’s gonna learn the hard way today. He of all people should have remembered what happened last time he saw his old Philly crew as they have no mercy on him. Even bouncing on his face under their full weight! We know you guys missed them so here’s the originalpunks back for more tramping action!
Starring: Smurfasaur, Scarlett Storm, Brooklynne, Marley Mac, Jason Ninja 
FACESTANDING,FOOT DOMINATION, FOOT FETISH, PUNK ROCKERS, BRAT GIRLS Female domination, Smufasaur, scarlett storm, brooklynne, marley mac, mary jane, Jason Ninja, feet, soles, toes, crush, femdom, jumping
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  • Added: 10-22-2015
  • Length: 10 Mins:22 Secs