Sasha always thought it was a little weird that Indica got accepted so easily on the cheerleading team. Being the resident bitch in the squad, she went out of her way to see what indica’s story was and she found out some juicy gossip. Indica slept with the Quarterback which is why she got on the team so easily. However there’s a problem. The Quarterback is the head cheerleader Jenny’s boyfriend and she has no idea about any of this. When Sasha tells indica she knows her dirty little secret, indica pleads with her not to say anything. Sasha grins and tells her she will keep it a secret on one provision. That Indica licks her sweaty stinky feet. Indica is grossed out as Sasha slips off her training shoes and the smell hits her nose. Sasha’s are particularly red and stinky today and she smiles as Indica goes to work licking and sucking her feet and toes. She makes her gag on her toes and lick slowly from heel to toe. She wants to make sure Indica REALLY earns her spot on the team!
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  • Added: 07-30-2015
  • Length: 8 Mins:58 Secs