Goddess Jolene has returned from a nice long run, getting her feet super sweaty and smelly. She hops on the bed and has her slave ready to lick and clean every inch of dirt and stinky from her soles and toes. She peels off her shoes and gives him a nice sniff of her stinky socks first, making sure he savors the aroma. These are her perfect Goddess feet and they will be worshiped as such. She then peels off her socks and starts rubbing her soles along his tongue, Making sure he licks every crevice of her perfect size 8 feet. She makes him clean the toejam between her toes and laps up the sweat off her wrinkles. It doesn’t get much Hotter than this!
  • Models Tagged: Jason Ninja
  • Added: 07-23-2015
  • Length: 8 Mins:7 Secs