In this extreme clip Secret agents Quin and Raquel have captured Soldier Jason Ninja and have given him a weakening serum to interrogate him. He thought he was about to get lucky as the girls stripped off and led him to the bathroom, instead he’s in for 7 minutes of HELL! The topless brats push his weakened body into a half full bathtub and then stand on him. They torment him for information about his units whereabouts and their plans but the more he refuses to talk the more they step on his face and dunk him under the water, making him struggle for air. He is getting weaker by the second as they continue to step on him and push his head under the water till he can barely breathe anymore. He pleads and begs for them to stop but the cruel brats just step it up by full weight standing on him and submerging him under the water. Even after he says he will talk, they are not satisifed, they won’t stop till he is lights out! 
  • Models Tagged: Jason NinjaQuin
  • Added: 07-23-2015
  • Length: 6 Mins:55 Secs