Katarina’s Jeans Facesitting disappearing head trick — HD 1080p MP4Katarina comes in the bedroom and funds her boyfriend Jordan on her side of the bed. She tells him to move but he refuses as he just wants a nap. Katarina decides if he’s not going to move then she’s going to move then she’s going to punish him under her painful jeans clad butt! She plops down right on his face and doesn’t move for what seems like an eternity as her boyfriends face is mashed hard up against her butt. She decides to change positions and pullls him to the side of the bed where she can dangle her feet off the end and really squash his face full weight. Now he’s in serious trouble as his gf has made his head completely disappear into the bed. Maybe it;s now time for that nap
  • Models Tagged: Jason Ninja
  • Added: 07-13-2015
  • Length: 11 Mins:22 Secs