Bratty Alexa has had to get a cab home from the club because her lazy ass boyfriend fell asleep and forgot to pick her up. She furious with him and yells at him telling him how hot and sweaty she is from dancing at the club all night and then having to wait in the hot humid air outside for a cab. He tells her to relax and have a shower, but now she;s mad. She casually sits on his face and removes her shoes. He is shocked by this move and calls her crazy. She gets even more angry now, she mounts his face completely under her ass. She keeps her skirt down at first as he struggles to breathe but she wants him to experience her full stinky sweaty ass, so she hikes up her skirt and gives it to him full on! Her perfect ass now engulfs his face so he cannot breathe at all. She firmly plants her ass time and time again onto his face till he can barely take anymore. Maybe it’s lights out!